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This forum exists so that fans of Phantasy Star can share and disseminate their theories about various aspects of the world of Algo. I will accept any theories from any person dealing with any aspect of Phantasy Star, providing the following:

Here's how the forum works. You send your theory to me. I post the theory and get to make ONE rebuttal to it. You then have the opportunity to make ONE rebuttal to my comments. If at any time you change your opinion on a topic, you can just send your new ideas to me and I will add them to your theory page(s), or you can write up an entirely new essay, and I will replace your old essay(s) with the new one(s). It's that simple!

NOTICE: Originally, I was not going to allow people to comment on or debate other people's theories. However, I have decided to change that policy. Feel free to send in responses to any of the theories here. Your responses will be posted as separate articles, as with Darrell's response to Mike below. But be sure that you treat the other person's theories fairly when you respond, and be sure that you really understand the theory. Otherwise, I'm not going to post what you said!

Theorist: Topic: Rebuttals:
Michael Ripplinger Date of Phantasy Star II Two
Darrell Whitney Date of Phantasy Star II None
Darrell Whitney Yes, Noah is Lutz! None
Darrell Whitney Magic, Techniques, and SkillsNew! None
Darrell Whitney Incarnations of EvilNew! None
Orakio of the Domes Fate of LenaNew! None
Orakio of the Domes Nei ItemsNew! None