Big Bash Boom (Switch) patch notes

1.0.5 (19 November 2019)

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1.0.4 (18 February 2019)

We have a new patch for Big Bash Boom on PS4, Xbox One, and PC (Switch coming soon) that adds two new minigames:

Both minigames have full leaderboards, so show us your stuff!

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1.0.3 (23 January 2019)


1.0.2 (9 January 2019)

In addition to a number of improvements, it includes four brand new power ups - see below:

"Lofty Lockdown" means the batter will not be able to make lofted or aggressive shots - that will really slow down the run-rate!

"Signal Staredown" will make the next few deliveries from the bowler considered 'Free Hits' for the batter. With this effect from the powerup the batter can take greater risks as they can only be dismissed by means of a run-out.

The player will turn the stumps invisible with the new powerup "Spectral Stumps". The wickets will turn transparent and the ball will fly right through. The batter will not need to worry about LBWs or being bowled out with this powerup activated.

Annoyed with the batter getting double their points with Ruthless Runs? The bowler now has "Run Restrictor". While activated this new powerup will cut in half the amount of runs the batting player can earn. No point running singles, they'll get you nothing.

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1.0.1 (7 December 2018)

The major patch to improve the gameplay experience went live over the weekend. Grab it now to enjoy a much smoother gameplay experience, online play, and so on.

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