Human: Fall Flat (Switch) patch notes

1.4.5 (7 November 2019)

Wrap up warm for brand new Human: Fall Flat level, ICE

Winter comes to Human: Fall Flat in ‘Ice’. Humans aren’t the only things falling from the sky! They’re joined by beautiful billowing snowflakes that have liberally powder coated a new level set in an alpine resort. Snow and ice create fun, frozen challenges including using ice blocks as platforms and traversing the slopes via ski lift. You and up to seven friends may even find time for a spot of online snowboarding. Just remember what happens to ice if it’s left out in the sun...

Source: official website

1.4.4 (27 August 2019)

Human: Fall Flat adds new level 'Steam' as FREE update on PC and consoles

This brand-new core level is set in a steam-powered industrial environment, where new puzzles and mechanics revolve around making the abundant amounts of water vapour work for you. Start an industrial revolution, manipulate barrels, pipes, furnaces and more to make your way to the exit, and have your friends join you to play in two-player local co-op or up to eight-player online multiplayer.

'Steam' arrives on PC 22nd August and follows on consoles 27th August.

Source: official website

1.4.3 (9 May 2019)

Very minor bug fixes in today's update, nothing that will impact gameplay.

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1.4.2 (16 April 2019)

Human: Fall Flat "Dark" level coming to consoles.

Curve Digital is proud to announce that No Brake Game's massively popular physics-based puzzle platformer Human: Fall Flat is receiving a new level for free. The new level, Dark, is currently available on Steam, and will be coming to PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One on 16th April - alongside a collection of new skins.

Source: official website

1.4.1 (14 September 2018)

Bug Fixes

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1.4.0 (28 August 2018)

It's finally here! #HumanFallFlat​ online multiplayer for up to 8 Bobs is now available.

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1.2.0 (13 December 2017)

Human: Fall Flat owners on the Nintendo Switch rejoice, split joycon support for local co-op has landed with patch v1.2.0. Play with your friend while on the go without the need for a second full controller.

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1.1.0 (16 November 2017)