Just Shapes & Beats (Switch) patch notes

1.3.0 (4 December 2019)

The Just Shovels & Knights Mixtape has arrived for #Switch, with brand-new remixes of Shovel Knight tracks; we also now support Amiibo. Any amiibo. As long as it's an amiibo, we support it.

Source: Twitter post

1.2.1 (20 June 2019)

Everything is OK now, patch is live and you should no longer get booted back to menu during challenge runs.

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1.2.0 (31 May 2019)

Thrillseekers out there will find a whole new world to bang their head to, every single track has been redesigned, patterns reimaginated, kombats are even more mortal, all that sha-bang.

You can find these in Challenge runs, Online and Offline, as well as in the playlist; I'd say prepare to die, but I hear that this has already been claimed by another game that enjoys their player's misery, so... hmm... prepare to dance.

On top of the new hardcore difficulty, we've added new language support for German, Russian, Traditional & Simplified Chinese.

Source: Steam post

1.1.0 (15 November 2018)

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1.0.1 (21 June 2018)

In true indie dev fashion, we just pushed a week 1 patch that should fix most of the desync issues you might have been encountering online. Emphasis on most, and should.

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