Owlboy (Switch) patch notes

1.0.5 (28 June 2018)

Source: Reddit message

1.0.3 (18 April 2018)

Addressed reported memory leak issues.

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1.0.2 (6 March 2018)

This is a bugfix release that fixes issues based on player feedback. These include:

Missing Coins? If you have had an issue where you could not collect all the coins and you've reached the end of the game - you can now go to Buccanary's Shop, go right of the curtains, and then press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, A, B in order to unlock any coins you've been missing.

Source: Reddit post

1.0.1 (13 February 2018)

Fixed 'Owlboy' Home Screen icon.

Source: Reddit message