PixelJunk Monsters 2 (Switch) patch notes

1.04 (28 December 2018)

Source: official website

1.03 (13 September 2018)

The Weekly Stage and the Random Stage have been added for Nintendo Switch (NA &EU) and PS4 (NA)! Play infinite variations!

About the Weekly Stage

Discover a new stage every week and use your imagination to find the best strategy to survive the new hordes of monsters invading your domain.

Clear the Weekly Stage to get a new Mask or Shell.

You can also compare your score with players around the globe!

* Weekly Stage ranking board is reset every 4 weeks.

About the Random Stage

Enjoy completely procedurally-generated new wave patterns every time you play this stage.

A good place for training or tough challenges!

Added Photo Mode

Pause the game to remove the UI and take screenshots.

* The Weekly Stage and the Random Stage become accessible once at least 3 rainbow fragments have been acquired.

Source: official website