Runner3 (Switch) patch notes

1.2.0 (13 November 2018)

Extensive Difficulty Options and new Difficulty Defaults!

You can now tailor your Runner3 experience to match your preferred difficulty in very direct ways, specifically...

The Self-Bonk!

A few of our hardcore fans requested the ability to bonk oneself, which can come in handy when going for a perfect, if you miss a gold or gem.

Just press in on both analog sticks and hold them down for 4 beats. Then whammo!

Scoring Changes!

In reviewing our leaderboards and competing with our fans, we realized two very lame bugs were gimping everyone's scores! So we fixed those, and also made some tweaks based on peoples' Difficulty Settings...

Other Goodies!

We've also fixed a bunch of bugs, etc. The most noteworthy of them are as follows...

Source: official website

1.0.1 (18 June 2018)

It has all sorts of bug fixes and improvements, including a fix to the issue of the first Retro Challenge crashing for some folks!

Source: Twitter post