Saints Row: The Third - The Full Package (Switch) patch notes

1.6.0 (26 March 2020)

Motion Controls (Gyro Aiming) has now been implemented in Saints Row: The Third on Nintendo Switch - to use press ZL. There are options for it to invert the vertical axis, adjust sensitivity or disable the feature all together if you like.

Source: Twitter post

1.5.0 (31 October 2019)


Dynamic Resolution

Dynamic resolution has been added to ensure smooth performance by reducing resolution when necessary – as standard in handheld mode, players can expect between 720p and 480p, and in docked mode 1080p and 720p. This feature can be disabled by players if they wish.

Aim Assist

Aim assist has also been added to enhance player experience.

This feature can be disabled in the "options" menu at any time if players wish.


Graphical Fixes



Source: official website

1.4.0 (16 May 2019)

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