Slay the Spire (Switch) patch notes

2.0.3 (23 March 2020)


1.1 (13 December 2019)


UI and Effects

Many quality of life changes such as a larger potions menu, a long-press End Turn option, sorting options for your deck, improved rendering for tips, and a condensed top panel have been added.


A lot of work was done to improve boot time, rendering performance, and to find and fix memory leaks which led to crashes when playing for extended periods of time.

Code Cleanup

Most of this improves moddability, extensibility, and future-proofing various functions and objects within the game.

Bug Fixes


Thai and Turkish languages are now available. Big thanks to our community translators :D. New languages and localization improvements, hooray!

Note: Asian languages referred to in these patch notes refer to Japanese, Chinese (Simplified), and Chinese (Traditional) which utilize a separate way of rendering text.

There's also some additional features taken from the beta branch such as performance optimizations, bigger text mode, and the settings screen getting a cleanup for consoles (easier to tap via touchscreen).


1.03 (24 September 2019)

Source: Reddit post

1.02 (9 August 2019)

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1.01 (20 June 2019)

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