Super Meat Boy (Switch) patch notes

1.0.4 (1 February 2019)

Hey! There’s a new patch available for @SuperMeatBoy on #NintendoSwitch that adds the logo to the icon! #SwitchIconWatch Woah! And yeah, some bug fixing here and there.

Source: Twitter post

1.0.2 (23 March 2018)

Flesh news! A NEW PATCH fixing some timing issues is now out to celebrate that @SuperMeatBoy for #NintendoSwitch is on SALE in EU!

Source: Twitter post

1.0.1 (22 February 2018)

Video recording is now available. Also, we fixed some crashes and issues in the race mode. And finally, we corrected some timing issues because level 7-19x was impossible to beat.

Source: Twitter post