Theory Index

Much of the allure of Phantasy Star springs from the fact that the games' story leaves so many questions unanswered. Did Alis Landale become the Queen of Algo? Did Rolf and his friends survive the battle with the Earthmen? Who were Orakio and Laya, really? And how did Chaz meet Alys, anyway? Answering these questions and more has proven, for me at least, to be even more fun than playing the Phantasy Star games themselves.

Extrapolating upon given events in a story or poem is one thing, but sometimes it is necessary for one to explain one's theories step by step, in order for others to understand how that theory was arrived at. I have written short essays on a number of the theories I hold, some of which were originally proposed by me. Comments, questions, and even arguments are welcome.

My friend Michael Ripplinger has written essays on several of his brilliant theories, most of which I agree with 100%. I strongly suggest you give them a look!